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Food Aid


  • Some 805 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That's about one in nine people on earth.


  • The vast majority of the world's hungry people live in developing countries, where 13.5 percent of the population is undernourished.


  • Asia is the continent with the most hungry people - two thirds of the total.


Goals & Accomplishments

Food Pantry Ocoee-USA

Solving hunger is a “best buy” in today’s tough economy. Investing in good nutrition will increase productivity & create economic opportunities. Studies have shown that countries lose millions of dollars in economic output as a result of child undernutrition.


Last year we delievered Food packages to famine affected areas in Pakistan.

Currently we are feeding poor families twice a month at our Orlando-Downtown food pantry and we are in a process of opening a new one in Ocoee.

Food Pantry Orlando-USA

Feed the Hungry

Have you seen him who belies the rewards and punishments of the Hereafter? He it is who drives away the orphan and does not urge giving away the food of the poor. (107:1 - 3)